Pure Fridays Pop-Ups is going down Friday Oct 5th at the Crocker Art Museum. Pure Fridays is a regionally known event that’s a high octane, substance free, alternative nightlife experience for those seeking a club style atmosphere without the pressures normally associated with this scene. Our last event was one lit! If you missed it, you’ll definitely need to pull up. Performances live with Aaron Taylor, Mission & Dj Justified!! This event is FREE but you MUST get a ticket. Invite some folks and lets party!

Pure Fridays is a high-octane substance free nightlife experience for those seeking a clean club-style atmosphere.


1st Pop-Up – 4.27.18 – Crocker Art Museum | LIVE performances by Zering, Brandon P & Dj Valour!


This event is FREE, FREE, FREE

8211 Sierra College Blvd. Suite 440 Roseville Ca.